LED Surgical Lights

First introduced in the medical market in 2005, LED surgical lighting systems have made considerable progress in becoming clinically acceptable and superior over halogen lighting systems within healthcare centers all across the world. LED surgical lights have not only boosted the capability of the surgeon to visualize the patient better, but it has also added to a greener, cleaner environment. An increasing number of medical facilities and hospitals have recognized the advantages associated with LED lights and have started implementing the technology.

LED lights have demonstrated to be of greater overall value as compared to halogen bulbs. It is anticipated that the LED lighting technology will continue to replace halogen lighting steadily within operating rooms and are estimated to completely replace halogen systems by 2015. LED lighting is rapidly taking up a dominant hold in the market of surgical lighting systems and is also making positive in-roads within other patient-care areas, which includes Emergency and Exam Rooms while, other patient treatment applications and areas are sure to follow.

First, and probably most important for the operating room staffs, is that they won't have to replace any bulbs. Conversely, halogen light bulbs are required to be replaced several times throughout the year thus, causing wastage of materials, money and time. Also, unlike halogen bulbs, LED lights are long-lasting and do not burn out fast; instead they begin to lose power or intensity after 20-50 thousands of hours of use. LED lighting systems make use of a fraction of the energy required for halogen light. Additionally, since LEDs generate light by passing current over a semi-conductor instead of heating a filament till it glows; they are much more resourceful and normally consume even less than half the energy used by halogen lights. In fact, LED lights significantly lower energy requirements without forfeiting intensity.

In addition, filters that are usually used for halogen lights to lessen the heat are not needed for LED lights. Since LEDs produce light more efficiently they also generate less heat, which aids to promote a comfortable working condition by keeping the overall temperature in the Operation Room down, thus leading to a reduction in strain on the ventilation and cooling systems and indirectly leads to additional energy savings. The surgeons and the whole surgical team are as a consequence lot more at ease, even during prolonged cases. Led surgical lights that generate high intensity with less heat are safer for the patient.

There are also several other clinical benefits of LED lightings. The light discharged from an LED light is a lot whiter than the light emitted by a halogen bulb. Moreover, LED lights can naturally generate white light at a color temperature of about 4400K, while a halogen bulb will need several filters and coatings to reach a similar effect. Led lights also provides excellent shadow control due to its multiple light sources which offers sufficient illumination even when physical obstacles such as a surgeon's hand or head enter the beam.

Overall, LED surgical lights provide unmatched, superior solutions that are revolutionizing lighting applications all through the healthcare sector; including low heat production, ease of use, efficiency, ultra low maintenance, low energy requirements and improved patient safety and care.

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